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Patriotsoftware has designed a software programme for the computerisation of your payroll accounts, but it has been designed specifically for non-payroll experts. This makes the concept of running your own business much easier and with this system you can choose to pay your employees by pay checks, direct deposit, cash or pay cards. Incredibly simple to set up in just a matter of minutes, this software can be accessed anywhere in the world, providing you have a computer with an internet connection. Amazingly affordable, the software package begins at just $10 per month and that's with no hidden fees, no start up costs and no on-going maintenance costs. 

Put simply, Patriotsoftware will allow you to run your own business from anywhere in the world, cheaply and efficiently, whilst helping you easily manage your accounts on pay-day.

Patriot Software: What makes it different?

Patriotsoftware have designed their payroll programme specifically for small businesses. It will help you collect payroll information, calculate gross and net payroll, factor in payroll deductions and company benefits and/or contributions and calculates all payroll taxes. Rather than pouring over your accounts with pen and paper or outsourcing them to another, Patriotsoftware will revolutionize the way you do business. They even have software to help you keep track of employee time and attendance; manage employee hiring and many other human resource topics. 

Patriotsoftware even offer an optional tax filing system which works in conjunction with their payroll software. This can help you collect, file and deposit all your payroll taxes (including federal, state and local taxes). This means that all of your legal work can be done at the touch of a button. 

Patriot HR software will allow you to track and monitor your human resource information (such as personal information, job details, salary information). 

My Patriot software, offers a self-service site which can allow your employees to access their own payroll information via the internet. It enables them to see their payroll history, print out payslips, see their payroll deductions and employer contributions and edit their own banking details if necessary. This can be very useful if you have several employees working a long way from your office headquarters. 

Finally, PatriotHire is an efficient system which enables you to hire employees with online hiring software. You will be able to peruse applicant resumes and rank them, schedule and track interviews, manage job application correspondence and create job advertisements in print publications and online career sites. 

What's even better is that ALL of the above software can be used in conjunction with each other, for simplicity and ease of use. There is no long term commitment to use the software and you won't need to fill in a contract. You can begin to use the software at any point in the tax year and there are great customer support built-in answers and training articles, as well as short videos. You will only need pay for what software you'll use and for the amount of time it will save you, it will be money well spent.

Patriotsoftware provide the means to conduct your own test drive of their software with a sample company and give you 48 hours to make sure that it's the right software for you. What's even better is that once you've decided it is - you can try it for a month, absolutely free!

Patriot Software vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Patriot Software)

Intuit is a competitor of Patriotsoftware and it also has software that will allow you to computerize your payroll, pay and file taxes. That, unfortunately, is where the similarities end. There are no additional software packages on offer for things such as help with Human Resource matters, hiring employees or self service customisable software. The package available from Intuit is more expensive than that of Patriotsoftware and it will not enable you expand your software at a later date if you wish to add additional features or programmes. It does offer a free trial period of a month, the same as Patriotsoftware, but what it doesn't offer is the ability to run a 48hr demo with a sample company for your experimentation. Another downside of using Intuit is that only their most expensive software will allow you to make direct deposits to your employees on payday. If you want automatic tax calculations, again only the most expensive version of the product will provide you with the means to do this. 

Realtaxtools is another rival of both companies above and they also offer tax and payroll software. They offer a much more basic service than that of both Patriotsoftware and Intuit, offering just Payroll and Tax software. It has the downside of being a stand-alone package that is not available online. This can be annoying because it will not automatically update itself and cannot be accessed from anywhere in the country/world, should the need arise. This means that if you want to access the software, you will only be able to use the computer to which it was installed on.

With regards to using the payroll software, be prepared for additional fees. If you wish to make direct deposit payments to your employees you will need to purchase more software for the task. Another software purchase will also be needed as your number of employees grow. 

The software offered by Realtaxtools doesn't have the scope of Patriotsoftware and offers nowhere near the same amount of solutions and time management help that Patriot can. Whilst a free trial is offered, it doesn't specify the time scale that it is on offer for. To compound matters their interface isn't particularly easy and beginners in the tax and payroll market will quickly find themselves out of their depth. Whilst it is on the surface slightly cheaper than using Patriot, it is nowhere near as simple and it won't have the ability to grow with your company as you expand. It will also take up precious room on your computer hard drive. 

Patriot Software: Pricing & packages

Patriotsoftware offers you the ability to process your payroll online, anytime and anywhere from $11 per month. If you would like to use their tax calculation and filing software this will be an additional $26 per month. This is based on 3 employees and will increase slightly, the more employees you add.

Intuit offer basic payroll software from $12.95 per month. If you require software for tax calculations and filing this starts at a cost of $51.16 per month.

Realtaxtools offer a download for payroll calculations at a cost of $99. Additional tax software for processing W2 and 1099's are priced at $39.00 each. As tax laws change often, the software will have to be bought anew and downloaded every year.

Patriot software is considerably cheaper than their rival Intuit and offer a more comprehensive service. Although Realtaxtools offer a slightly cheaper service, they don't offer anywhere near the benefits that Patriotsoftware can provide and their service isn't for a novice in the payroll and tax market.

Patriot Software: Product images & screenshots
Patriot Software Coupons
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Patriot Software: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what Patriotsoftware's customers and followers have been saying about them:

Stacy R, Canton, OH

5 Stars!

Great payroll software. Easy to use anytime, anywhere. My employees love it!


Art Vandelay

There are no hidden fees and you will know how much it will cost depending on the size of your business. Using Patriot Pay, you can pay your employees anytime and anywhere. You also have the option to pay your employees through direct deposit or even handprinted checks.

If you own a business and waste tons of hours on payroll, this software will make your life so much easier and it's extremely affordable.




Patriot Software, Inc., provides online Payroll, Time & Attendance, Human Resources (HR), and employment-related software for American employers. Their goal is to provide you with the help you need in the quickest, most efficient manner possible, while at the same time being efficient within their own offices in order to keep your costs the lowest they can possibly be. Therefore, they have three methods for offering you Software Support for all of their employment software.
Patriotsoftware is easy to use, suitable for beginners with no knowledge of the payroll/tax industry and much cheaper than hiring an accountant. It will save even the smallest business hours of time in preparing their accounts manually. You can be confident that your information is secure, always available and that your software will always be up-to-date. After the free 48hr test drive and one month subscription I suspect you will be so convinced, you'll never look back!
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Comments (7)

Well researched review for amazing software.Thanks Ann

great presentation and excellent writing skills.

Wonderful review with lots of good information for me to use. Voted up.

Nice presentation and clearly written. Promoted.


Easy software. Even got free set-up. Perfect for my small business. Will grow with me without costing me an arm and a leg. I pay for 5 employees for about $12 a month

Have a look at this review

There are many payroll software, but QuickBooks payroll software programs are good I will say...

Customer Reviews
Patriot Software Average Rating:
(2 ratings)
Patriot Software 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Joe Knoji — 79 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

I like it. It is much cheaper than Intuit

Ted Rasim — 74 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Perfect for small business owners looking to save money”

Wow. Great customer service! They helped me set up payroll and file my taxes with their tax filing service. I am new at this, so it was a relief it was done right at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing!

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